Reflection on Learning 4: The life of an Editor

Over the four weeks gone by extremely fast, our English New Media class has been booming with ideas. Our website, 8forty has been a great success with our articles. Our writers are performing amazingly and fast. The website has numerous subjects such as news, sports, gaming, and more for readers to find what interests them. For the people who are not assigned to be editors, we decided to make our own subject called Meta, which showcases our learning so we can write as well. That topic has been going very well and is continuing through our learning. For our writers, we have been putting a lo up on the media site showing our progression through the writing from their first pieces, to their recent ones. One of my writers esketit, has been progressing well enough to gain independence with his writing. Esketit and I have been getting a lot of articles up on the media site. We tend to work hard in class to get things done.

We have a lot of posts done based off of sneakers and music, what interests us. When he writes, he writes so fast and he gets it to me in a day or two. From their I edit it and sent it to our teacher. Boom, within two three days it goes to our main editor. We have 3 posts up and moving on to our fourth one, How Italy didn’t Qualify for the World Cup. Our 3 posts consist of the Nike OFF-WHITE Shoe Collaboration, Mr.Davis Gucci Manes new album, and Without Warning New Hot Release.

When our articles get posted a lot of common errors we are making is repetition. I know I am probably repeating myself a lot but we harp on the repetition mistakes such as starting a sentence with “the” or the last name/first name of a particular reference and I made that mistake many times when I was typing my post about Fantasy sleepers. With those errors occurring, I tend to delete the sentence and find another solution on how to start it without repetition. Another grammar issue that has risen is the weak words that join a sentence together. For example, “He is a very good player.” That is a sentence which you should be throwing away or revising. You would need to rephrase it if it would fit or just trash it. You could say “He is an outstanding player.” The rephrasing skill shows the reader you have a stronger skill of writing.

There wasn’t much learning this past month, but there was a ton of posting and editing between many writers and editors. Our website has been outstanding with the way we are working and getting posts up with quality. Many writers have been correcting mistakes such as repetitiveness and using weak words throughout their writing pieces. I am surprised with the amount of posts we have been getting up and am hoping we continue this work flow

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